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Over the years, we at Moscap Engineering, together with our authorized dealers throughout the country have made a tremendous investment of our time and money in developing our name recognition, our fit, our quality and our goodwill. To best maintain this hard-earned standard of excellence, we have made a decision as part of of business strategy and overall marketing to reserve internet sales solely for Moscap Engineering. In doing so, Moscap Engineering believes it can best maintain the quality of its marketing efforts and maintain the consistency of its products.

By centralizing internet sales, we will also help to support our dealer network. Since Moscap Engineering holds a high standard for its retail stores, we hope to continue to maintain these requirements by removing those who make sales over internet, catalogues or similar means in order to drive traffic to our retail store locations.

In addressing this problem for our dealers who can be unfairly taken advantage of in their investment to provide top quality products and services, the following methods of soliciting sales of Moscap Engineering products are prohibited and may result in termination as an authorized dealer of Moscap Engineering products.

Without this measure, we feel that these internet/catalog dealers would eventually drive sales away from our authorized dealers, including their physical product displays/samples and customer service. We believe that it is not fair to our dealers that customers could come into a retail location, test the product, look at the P.O.P. displays, request information and ask store personnel questions about Moscap Engineering's products only to go home and purchase the product on his/her personal computer, mail order catalog or someone who has not provided these services. While this business decision has been difficult, we feel that this will help to safegaurd our standard of excellence and protect our authorized dealers.

Since we recognize that some customers may not have access to Moscap Engineering's products because they do not have a nearby location, Moscap Engineering has developed its website to address this need. By reserving internet & catalog sales, Moscap Engineering can also uniform the quality and representation of its products appropriately.
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